The end of time

1-2 december


RAVEL Sonata pour Violon et Violoncelle
STRAVINSKY Suite from A Solider’s Tale
MESSIAEN Quartet for the End of Time


Ben Mellefont Clarinet
Rakhi Singh Violin
Adam Szabo Cello
Simon Parkin Piano

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messiaen's harrowing masterpiece, "quartet for the end of time", is one of the defining artistic creations of the 20th century.

The work was written in 1941, while the French composer was a prisoner of war at Stalag VIII-A, a Nazi POW camp in Germany. It was premiered by fellow inmates to an audience of about 400 prisoners and guards, outside, in the rain. Messiaen later said of the premiere: "Never was I listened to with such rapt attention and comprehension".

The first half features two perfectly formed chamber works - Ravel's joyful Sonata for Violin and Cello, and Stravinsky's own arrangement of his theatrical parable, A Soldier's Tale, for Clarinet Trio.

Manchester Collective directors Rakhi Singh and Adam Szabo are joined for this programme by Ben Mellefont, Principal Clarinet of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, and by Professor Simon Parkin, pianist, teacher, and composing virtuoso.

Join us in December for the blistering conclusion of the Collective's 2017 concert season.