Sirocco performances postponed

Hello lovely MC and Abel Selaocoe fans,

It saddens us greatly to announce that we have had to postpone our series of performances of Sirocco this coming week.

Our Guest Director Abel Selaocoe has spent the last week working in Berlin, and due to an immigration/visa related issue, his return to the UK has been severely delayed. The problem is logistical, bureaucratic, and entirely solvable, however, it will mean that Abel will not be back in Manchester in time for our rehearsals, workshops, and performances this week.

We’ve built this show around Abel’s incredible musicianship, working with him to create something truly special. We couldn’t do justice to these unique performances without him, and so have made the difficult decision to postpone the shows in Sheffield, Liverpool, and Manchester on May 3, 4, and 5.

It’s not all bad news. We have a performance at Kings Place in the diary for May 30, and are really pleased to announce two new shows - at the Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool on May 31, and at The Stoller Hall in Manchester on June 9. Tickets to these new shows can now be booked at our website -

Tickets to our three shows this week are currently being refunded - it would be amazing if people could share this message and help get some great audiences to our replacement shows in May and June.

We thank you for your understanding, and can’t wait to make music for you again, very soon.

Adam, Rakhi, Abel, & Manchester Collective

30 MAY - 9 JUNE

Creating 100 Demons: Part III

The final part in composer Daniel Elms' series on the creation of 100 DEMONS.

I always find that it is one thing to create the pre-composition of a new work and another thing entirely to use those creations in musical and intuitive ways. Often, sticking to a formula rigidly is — in my mind — counterintuitive to the art and act of composition. It took me many months of working with the harmony, the recorded material, the folkloric and theatrical influences before I was at a stage where I could use the pre-composition in a natural way and achieve a state of creative “flow”. But it was the enthusiasm and passion of Manchester Collective, a bold ensemble, unafraid to explore the distinction between music and other mediums, who breathed life into the notes on the page and the ideology that underpinned them.

Full blog entry here.

Creating 100 Demons - Part II

Creating 100 Demons - Part II

"I remember my first visit to see Kodo. Their performance was full of energy and beauty, and executed meticulously, even down to the group’s entry onto the stage. All the while, the seriousness of their art and musical abilities was offset by theatrical, often comical, moments that provided the show with a sense of balance."