Creating 100 Demons - Part I

Daniel Elms, the composer of our new commissioned work, 100 DEMONS, has published the first of three blog entries about the process of putting together the new piece. DEMONS explores some pretty heady political themes - the media, control, fear-mongering, and Japanese folklore.

Dan writes:

Commissioned by Manchester Collective, 100 Demons explores a concert hall manipulated by myth and fear-mongering. Traditional Japanese music and folklore influence a string quartet and tape machine, through which sonic manifestations of our fears demonise the stage — avatars of societal control — straddling the line between music and theatre; between reality and mythology. By introducing abstractions of the spectacular ideas, events and characters from Japanese folklore — a lore so different from the West’s — we in the West can see, in stark contrast, the barrier between the real world and the “other”.

Read the whole entry here.

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