Rakhi Singh on being the change she wanted to see in the classical industry

We've been featured by the international classical juggernaut that is The Strad!

Last year Adam Szabo and I took the plunge and launched the Manchester Collective. Our intention was to take ownership of the music we wanted to perform without conforming to any genre. To throw out the rule-books governing the established concert experience and find non traditional spaces to tour to.

Inspired by other brave musicians who are pushing forward and opening up the classical world – Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Nicolas Altstaedt, Quatuor Ebene, Olly Coates – we have formed a Collective of like-minded musicians, with whom we can experiment with new ideas. It’s no longer just about thinking outside the box, but thinking in an entirely new way – completely away from the box if you like. This is liberating and exciting.

Rakhi goes on to say:

Through education, we are given a set of rules, but these are not the essential tools to ensure the survival of this art we represent. The ultimate stage of learning a rule is finding your own way to break it – this is what enables growth. The act of creation is a biological function. In art, as in nature, what doesn’t change doesn’t live.

We feel deeply connected to what we are playing, and as we continue to reinvent and break the rules, we have to ask ourselves: How can we create an environment in which our audiences also feel this connection? Call this a punk attitude, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that this will ensure the survival of all this incredible music. 

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