100 Demons Review: Chris Flack

One final review from our series of shows last week - this one is a cracker. Liverpool-based blog GetIntoThis cover "beats, drones, and rock & roll", and it's amazing hearing their response to a set of music that was obviously not what they experience on a day to day basis...

It is followed by a piece on the cello that carries the same urgency, its here where the bass and the electronics start to hover, thundering over the cello, with something of a threatening demeanour. Towards the end of the piece a choir appears through the speakers, adding to the building terror, in a pitch black basement, it draws forth images of 80’s horror movies and hungover mornings in church, bathed in Catholic guilt and incense.

The writing is great, and critic Chris Flack has a great time with the review, painting visceral image after image.

This wasn’t your average Friday evening by any stretch, everything about it is designed to throw you off course, knock you around and make you take this music on your journey home.  We leave battered and bruised, hoping the path back to our frozen home is much less dramatic than the last two hours.  We couldn’t handle much more drama.

Full review here.