★★★★ Pushing the envelope: Manchester Collective star in 100 Demons

The reviews for 100 DEMONS have started coming in, and so far the news is good!

Hugh Morris wrote up the show in a lovely four star review for Bachtrack:

One ensemble that is negotiating the tribulations of running a successful start-up better than most is the Manchester Collective, an ensemble founded last year by Adam Szabo and Rakhi Singh. They are quickly finding their voice in a bustling Manchester scene. Taking some inspiration from the pioneering musical work of Psappha, they give a slight nod to Manchester Camerata’s eye-catching publicity whilst also expending significant energy to transform the whole audience experience, creating intimate, immersive musical experiences without comparison in Manchester.
It is testament to the Collective’s growing popularity that last night’s concert started late because more seats were needed. The theatrical tropes of the group’s programmes continued as they transformed the Stoller Hall into a collaborative space, placing audience and performers on the stage, forming an intimate space adorned with artwork, scores and a plethora of audio equipment.
The Collective’s aim to deliver “radical human experiences” through music was delivered with spirit and dedication. Progressive programming and classy musicianship makes for a very attractive combination.

You can read the complete review here.