Manchester Wire: FACE V - Paradise Lost

Izzy Trott, 31 May 2019, Manchester Wire

Paradise Lost: the Fall of Man is the new show from Manchester Collective and focuses on the original “utopia gone wrong”, offering some kind of Mecca among the madness. Paradise Lost will tour the UK in June with a final show lined up at The White Hotel on Sat 22 Jun, promising to clash the sacred with the profane and the acoustic with the electronic. The Omens: The Five Faces of Manchester Collective – FACE V is the conclusive Manchester instalment. This show is an exclusive new commission from Singh (Rakhi) & Gainsborough (Vessel), and will feature Daniel Elms (live) and William Doyle (live), alongside Lonelady who will be soundtracking the collective experience. The commission takes direct inspiration from Milton’s Paradise Lost and will see Doyle bring his new project which aims to create a ‘soundtrack for an imagined eco-friendly housing development of the near future’ and Elms’ Islandia which will open the night awash with childhood nostalgia of growing up on the Hull coast. Surely nostalgia is the greatest utopia of all – purely because we like to cherry pick the past but also because we survived it and are still here to tell the tale. Manchester Collective producer Chris Bryan thinks he’s found his paradise here in Manchester, as he explains: “Paradise could never be a Uptopia because you’d get bored after one day.” This makes the Collective’s final venue of the tour so fitting. You’ll find Paradise Lost aptly placed in Manchester’s own uprooted utopia of The White Hotel, everyone’s favourite Lower Broughton Kunsthaus-stroke-MOT garage.