a show about the end of love.

14-16 september




Nishla Smith Voice
Rakhi Singh Violin
Simmy Singh Violin
Ali Vennart Viola
Adam Szabo Cello
Ben Griffiths Double Bass
Andy Stamatakis-Brown Keyboards

Created by Nishla Smith.

Arrangements by Ali Vennart and Manchester Collective.

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We reach endings with so much left unsaid. Reams and reams of paper printed with the things we should have told each other but never did. Hours and hours of conversations we never had. Speeches we never gave.
Letters we never sent.

The first show from Nishla Smith and Manchester Collective, Cabaret is a musical exploration of love and loss. Alongside a brilliant and unlikely set of songs, the Collective present a devastating series of real stories, letters, and poems.

It may be the oldest tale of them all, but tonight this band of musicians will take you by the hand and lead you into the unknown.

nishla smith

Nishla Smith is a classically trained singer, writer, visual artist, and actress.  She currently divides her time between Melbourne and Berlin, and is set to release a debut album of original music in 2017 through Red Door Sounds.

Upon being awarded her Bachelor of Music with 1st Class Honours in 2010, she toured for several years with Opera Bights and the Ten Sopranos. 

In 2012, Nishla moved to Melbourne and formed the Nish Smith Trio; shortly after, she was featured as one of Triple J’s “Unearthed” artists. During this period, Nishla also wrote, recorded, and toured her debut EP, Come On, Spaceman.

Since 2015, she has split her time between Melbourne, where she is currently writing and recording a new album with Siew Ooi at Red Door Sounds, and Berlin, where she writes and illustrates picture books for children under the business name Niche Drawings. She has performed her originals on BBC and ABC radio, and in 2017 will feature as a Mediacity Unplugged Guest artist.