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Manchester Collective is a new kind of arts organisation, built for the diverse musical landscape of the 21st century. Our mission is to create radical human experiences through live music, for everyone. We perform in warehouses, concert halls, garages, nightclubs, and produce a prolific amount of free content so that everyone can enjoy the music that we play.

The artistic directors, board, and musicians of Manchester Collective are all deeply committed to the broadening of UK classical music audiences. Through our National Concert Season, we are constantly working to promote a wider awareness of a new generation of brilliant musicians and composers, commissioning, programming, and presenting daring repertoire that is rarely heard live.



Manchester Collective is an entirely artist led organisation. We founded the group in 2016 because nobody was programming the kind of work that we wanted to perform. Along the way, we discovered a passion for connecting with new audiences - the people at our gigs are overwhelmingly young, and many experience their first taste of classical music at a Manchester Collective show.



There are no two ways about it: we absolutely haemorrhage cash every time we step onto a stage. At a time when more and more organisations are cutting artistic corners, we insist on paying our musicians proper MU rates, for rehearsals as well as for performances. (This is less common than you might think).

We also have an unwavering commitment to our audiences - we keep ticket prices as low as we possible can, so as to allow as many people as possible to experience MC performances. For anyone that can't physically make it to our shows, we broadcast live streamed performances on Facebook and YouTube.

In 2018, revenue from box office sales paid for just 30% of our annual expenses. The 70% shortfall is made up by a handful of funders (including the Arts Council of England and the PRS for Music Foundation), and most importantly, by our audiences and patrons.

We literally could not do what we do without your support.

Thank you for giving us some of your sweet, sweet cash.



Our Partners


Manchester Collective would like to thank the Arts Council of England, Hull City Council, the PRS Foundation for Music, and the Ambache Charitable Trust for their generous support.