we are hiring

head of development


My name is Adam Szabo, and I’m the Managing Director at MC. We are looking to recruit a new member of our team. 

If you are interested, you can send your application through to adam@manchestercollective.co.uk. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch - email is fine, or you can give me a bell on +44 7799 246178.

One last thing. If you're reading this job ad, we'd love to invite you to our next show (touring Sheffield, Liverpool, and Manchester). The production is called 100 Demons, and it's a show about strings and electronics. Drop me a line and we'll sort you out some tickets.

Job applications will close on March 9 at 17.00 (the week after the 100 Demons tour ends).

We’re really looking forward to meeting you.

about us

We create radical human experiences through live music.

We may be small, but we are mighty. (And we’re growing fast.)

We are true believers. Art is important. The stakes are high.

We don’t believe that common practice is best practice. We forge our own path.

In our first year, we reached over 65,000 people through six touring projects, across six cities. We want to double that in Year 2.

about you

Your job is to help us make money so we can make concerts.

You will be helping us to forge new relationships - with our audiences, with partner organisations, with donors, and with funding bodies.

Your title will probably include the words development and strategy. You can help us make it up when you get the job.

Your salary will start at £30,000 (pro rata), working three days a week. After six months, if all goes well, you can choose to start working full time.

Writing bids for grants is a part of this job. A track record of successful work in development will hold you in good stead.

We want you to work hard. If you can raise £200,000 in any one year, you get a 20% bump to your salary for the duration of the following year.

We are a small team, and you are going to be a key part of that team. If you’re scared of responsibility, this is not the job for you.

how to apply

Answer the three short questions below in no more than 300 words each, and send them through to adam@manchestercollective.co.uk with the subject line "JOB".  No CV required.

Application deadline - March 9, 17.00.

Successful applicants will be called in for interviews.


What is your unfair advantage? Why are you uniquely qualified for this job?

Why is live music important?

If you had to raise £800,000 for an arts organisation in the next twelve months, how would you do it?