What's On  2018 / Part I  Cabaret (Revival)

Cabaret is a set of stories told through love and letters.

Cabaret includes works by Nishla Smith, Ralph Vaughan-Williams, Nina Simone, Elbow, Astor Piazzola, Judy Garland and more.

Created by Nishla Smith
Arranged by Ali Vennart and Manchester Collective

We reach endings with so much left unsaid. Reams and reams of paper printed with the things we should have told each other but never did. Hours and hours of conversations we never had. Speeches we never gave.

Letters we never sent.

HOME Manchester and PUSH Festival present this revival of the acclaimed 2017 show from Nishla Smith and Manchester Collective.

First performed in 2017, Manchester Collective open their 2018 season with a revival of this stunning show. Cabaret is a musical exploration of love and loss - alongside a brilliant and unlikely set of songs, the Collective present a devastating series of real stories, letters, and poems.


Sheffield / Wed 17 Jan 2018
The Chimney House

Manchester / The 18 Jan 2018


Nishla Smith Voice
Simmy Singh Violin
Elaine Ambridge Violin
Alex Mitchell Viola
Adam Szabo Cello
Richard Jones Keyboard