Education matters.


The cultural landscape in the UK is changing very rapidly - budgets are tight, orchestras are evolving, and graduates from conservatoires are required (and assumed) to have a set of skills under their belts that are more diverse than ever.

We’re really excited to be presenting three brand new partnerships in 2019/20, with three of the finest conservatoires in the UK. In their own way, each of these partnerships aims to equip students with skills and experiences that fall a little outside of the ordinary (because, you never know when someone will ask you start singing in the middle of an aria for strings by Heinrich Biber).

Each of these schemes has been designed from the ground up to leave room for change and development - as we inevitably learn from our partners and participants, we will keep evolving the work that we deliver. This is a new string to our bow, and we can’t wait to get started.

Adam Szabo
Chief Executive


The Quartet Programme: 2019 - 2022

This year, Manchester Collective begin a flagship three-year programme in partnership with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, geared towards the mentoring of string quartets that wish to expand their future careers beyond traditional pathways in classical music.

Entry to the scheme will be staggered, and selected quartets will participate for two years. The programme of work will cover modules including:

  • The role of physical space in performance

  • How to speak with audiences about classical music

  • Digital marketing and communications

  • Fundraising

  • Competitions and prizes

  • Score reading

  • Music and film

Business Development 2019/20

RCS have also commissioned the Collective to deliver a set of workshops on business skills and development, drawing on their own experience as a cultural startup. Chief Executive Adam Szabo will deliver sessions inspired by Manchester Collective’s rise to prominence. Workshops will cover topics including market research, audience segmentation, cultural business models, the UK funding ecosystem, technology and music, and digital communications.



Residency: September 2019

To kick off our 2019/20 Season, Manchester Collective will take up a week long residency at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. The string quartet of the Collective, alongside African folk trio Chesaba, will deliver a set of workshops, sessions, and open rehearsals as part of our “Sirocco” project in Wales.

Work to be covered includes:

  • “Freedom in Music” - performance masterclasses with Abel Selaocoe and Rakhi Singh

  • Vocal workshops for incoming 1st year Bachelor of Music students

  • Open rehearsals for “Sirocco”, including commentary by MC Directors Adam Szabo and Rakhi Singh

  • “A New Career in Music” - professional development workshops for Masters students, covering freelancing in the 21st century, alternative performance practise, recording, curation, and building a career that doesn’t fit the classical mould

OF MUSIC Manchester

Orchestra Lab: November 2019

Where do we come from? Where are we going?

This year, Manchester Collective bring their trademark “radical human experiences” to RNCM for the very first time, in a collaborative programme exploring the infinite possibilities of the 21st century musical landscape. Over the course of a week long residency at RNCM, Rakhi Singh (MC Music Director) and Suzy Willson (Clod Ensemble Artistic Director) will work with students to devise a completely new, immersive musical performance.

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Manchester / Thu 14 November, 13.15
Royal Northern College of Music

Creative Team

Rakhi Singh Co-Director
Suzy Willson Co-Director
Adam Szabo Co-Director
Paul Clark Composer


Bach Chorales (selected)
Vivaldi Four Seasons (selected movements)
Ligeti Métamorphosen nocturnes (selected excerpts)
Clark New Work (World Premiere)

MC X RNCM: June 2020

For the final part of our collaboration with RNCM, the Collective will be coming in to the College to conduct a set of string auditions. One outstanding student will be selected by the end of the process, and will join Manchester Collective for our Enescu Octet tour in June 2020. In addition to rehearsing and performing with the Collective on tour, the successful applicant will be paired with a mentor and have the opportunity to participate in 1:1 sessions covering musicianship, practical career development skills, and chamber performance.

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Enescu Octet On Tour
UK Tour / 18-27 June, 2020


Bach Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major
Panufnik Modlitwa
Tenney Koan
Tavener The Lamb
Enescu String Octet in C Major, Op. 7