What's On  2018 / Part I  Rakhi + Katya

Kurtág Selections from "Signs" and "Games"
Bach Fugue from Violin Sonata in G Minor
Cage 6 Melodies
Janacek Violin Sonata

Prokofiev Selections from "Visions Fugitives", Op. 22
Pärt Fratres
Messiaen Theme and Variations

Rakhi Singh, our Music Director, performing with Katya Apekisheva, one of Europe’s foremost pianists. We couldn’t think of a more fitting way to close our first season as Ensemble in Residence at The Stoller Hall.

RAKHI / KATYA is our smallest, most focussed show of the year, and yet these musicians conjure up a whole world of sound from just two instruments. This is chamber music at the highest level - music of tremendous scope and passion performed by artists at the peak of their careers.

Alongside the larger works by Janacek and Messiaen, this show also gives Rakhi and Katya the chance to shine as soloists - we will hear work on an intimate scale by Kurtag and Bach. Finally, it wouldn’t be a Manchester Collective show without a joker in the deck - the wild card in the mix is John Cage’s Six Melodies for Violin and Piano, music of exquisite beauty and construction.

We’ll leave you with the words of music journal Gramophone, who recently described Katya as “a profoundly gifted artist who has already achieved artistic greatness.”

You won’t want to miss it.


Manchester / Wed 27 Jun 2018
The Stoller Hall

Liverpool / Fri 29 Jun 2018
Invisible Wind Factory


Rakhi Singh Violin
Katya Apekisheva Piano