The hunt

13-16 july

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Our listening guide for this show is up - you can find it here! We encourage you to bring it up during the performance, just make sure you phones are on silent.


GLASS String Quartet No. 4, "Buczak"
WIDMANN String Quartet No. 3, “Jagdquartett”
BEETHOVEN String Quartet No. 14 in C-sharp minor, Op. 131


Rakhi Singh Violin
Simmy Singh Violin
Kimi Makino Viola
Abby Hayward Cello

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Widmann's essential project is to reveal the continuing vitality of Mozart or Schubert – and he brings it kicking and screaming into the present day.
- Tom Service

Widmann is one of the most celebrated of a new generation of German composers for a very good reason - his “Hunt” Quartet is thrilling, tuneful, dark, and violent.

In THE HUNT, the string quartet of Manchester Collective tackle three masterworks - alongside the Widmann, we also present Phillip Glass' String Quartet, "Buczak", a profound and uplifting musical poem written to celebrate the life of the artist Brian Buczak, tragically cut short by complications of HIV/AIDS.

The programme concludes with Beethoven’s epic String Quartet in C-sharp minor, Op. 131, a sprawling testament to human achievement. 

Upon hearing Op. 131 in concert, the composer Robert Schumann famously said: "It has a grandeur which no words can express. It seems to me to stand on the extreme boundary of all that has been attained by human art and imagination”.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear these spectacular works, live in concert.